1. Selfish (I-Cue Remix)
    Slum Village featuring Kanye West & John Legend

  2. Supa Star (I-Cue Remix)
    Group Home

  3. Can't Go Back (Single)
    Alan Doyle

  4. Malik Row - Ashy (Single)
    Malik Row

  5. Next Level Event
    T.R.A.C. with I-Cue

  6. Hold It Down

  7. Murdera (I-Cue Remix)

  8. Who Shot Ya ? (Link & I-Cue Remix)
    The Notorious B.I.G.

  9. How High (I-Cue DNB Remix)
    Method Man & Redman

  10. Don't Look Any Further (I-Cue Bootleg DNB Mix)
    Dennis Edwards featuring Siedah Garrett and Shabba Ranks

  11. Be Your Girl (I-Cue DNB Remix)
    Teedra Moses

  12. Used To Love U (I-Cue DNB Remix)
    John Legend

  13. Rah Rah (I-Cue Remix)
    Pitbull featuring Elephant Man & Daddy Yankee

  14. Driven AM presents Old School Jungle & DnB: I-Cue 6-2-2018
    DJ I-Cue

  15. Gonna Roll (I-Cue Remix)
    Dizzle ft. MC Astro

  16. Standards
    T​.​R​.​A​.​C. and I​-​Cue

  17. Loving The Sound EP

  18. Obscurity EP (Clean)
    Alan Doyle

  19. Obscurity EP
    Alan Doyle

  20. Obscurity EP Instrumentals
    Alan Doyle

  21. Hot Rhymin' (Single)
    I-Cue ft. MC Astro, 600 & Miss.She.iLL.

  22. 1987 / The Get Down (Single)
    Miss.She.iLL. + I-Cue (iLL-genious)

  23. Everybody Loves The Sunshine (Drum and Bass VIP)
    George The Infinite + DJ I-Cue

  24. The 143 Mix (Mixed By I-Cue)
    DJ I-Cue

  25. Champain (Single)
    I-Cue featuring 600

  26. Bella (DJ I-Cue's Chill Out Mix)
    Mike Hess

  27. Father Whispers
    George Michael vs Ying Yang Twins

  28. Word Up [I-Cue V.I.P. Refix]
    Freshmode Kore

  29. Easy featuring T.R.A.C.
    DJ I-Cue

  30. Masterpiece

  31. Focus

  32. Beyond Insight

  33. R.E.C. Room (I-Cue Remix)
    Inspectah Deck

  34. They Call Me (DiLLa-troduction Mash Up)
    DJ I-Cue

  35. Understand (Single)
    Alan Doyle

  36. Date Night (Single)
    Alan Doyle

  37. You Used To Love Me (Single)
    Alan Doyle

  38. James Brown Tribute (I-Cue Edit Medley)
    James Brown

  39. House of Legos (I-Cue Remix)
    Grey Matter Featuring Bum Theary

  40. Ballad of an Immigrant (Single)
    Kilo Art of Fact

  41. It's A Shame (I-Cue Remix)
    Kool G Rap

  42. Mass Appeal (I-Cue's Jazzmatazz Remix)

  43. Philly Wreckin' Stuff (I-Cue SP1200 Remix)
    Walt Sicknin'

  44. Ever Again (Single)
    Alan Doyle

  45. U-4-Ick

  46. Selections From Out The Trunk Vol. 2

  47. I Can (I-Cue Remix) [Single]

  48. SP12 Gauge (I-Cue SP12 Remix)
    Walt Sicknin'

  49. Poundcake (I-Cue Remix)
    Jimmy Brooks

  50. Got Your Money (I-Cue Remix)
    Ol' Dirty Basstard featuring Kelis

  51. Nu Era / Dope Flo (Single)

  52. Pose A Threat EP
    I-Cue + George The Infinite

  53. Looking Like Money (Single)
    I-Cue featuring 600

  54. Rockin' You (Single)
    I-Cue ft. 600

  55. Fluid Dynamics EP

  56. I Know P.R.I.N.C.E. (ft. T.R.A.C., MC Astro & Flotation)

  57. I-Cue: Come Follow Me (1994 - 2000)

  58. Won't Drive Me Crazy (Single)
    I-Cue ft. MC Astro

  59. Street Slang (Single)

  60. They Call Me (Single)

  61. Akbar - Antidote (I-Cue Remix)

  62. Layers

  63. Live Motivator (DJ I-Cue Remix)

  64. Mass Appeal (I-Cue Remix)

  65. Fakin' Jax (I-Cue Remix)
    InI featuring Pete Rock

  66. Tru Skool ft. Klose (Single)

  67. Wishing On A (I-Cue V.I.P. Remix)
    Karina & The Infinite

  68. Indian Girl

  69. Story of the Warrior Pt. 1

  70. Black Dog Rock (I-Cue Remix)
    Frozen Smoke

  71. Shadows of Autumn (I-Cue Remix)
    Lewis Parker

  72. Bang Precision

  73. When The Bass Drops (Radio)
    I-Cue featuring iLL-esha

  74. Krazy Clown (I-Cue Remix)

  75. Roll Out (I-Cue Remix)
    Elijah Divine

  76. RUN MPC I-Cue Remix EP

  77. The Other Place EP

  78. Giving Up On Love (I-Cue Electrobreak Up Remix Dub)
    Kooky vs. Pat Fulgoni

  79. Think Twice (I-Cue Remix)
    Big Shug feat. Avirex, M-Dot, Singapore Kane & Krumb Snatcha

  80. Listen To The Sound EP

  81. Zulu Music 2011 (I-Cue Sedgwick And Cedar Refix)
    Hillberg vs Soul Slinger feat. TC Izlam

  82. Nautilus (I-Cue SP1200 Rework)
    I-Cue vs Bob James

  83. Zulu Music 2011 (I-Cue Coney Island High Remix)
    Hillberg vs Soul Slinger feat. TC Izlam

  84. Out There (DJ I-Cue Remix)
    MistakeMistake ft. King Ali Baba

  85. Whoremoans EP

  86. Hipstep (Vocal)
    I-Cue featuring Dyer MC

  87. Don't Stop Robot (I-Cue Electro Mix)
    Struboskop feat. Violetta Parisini

  88. Analogue Activity (I-Cue Electrobreakz Mix)
    Der Cube

  89. Ingenious Remix EP

  90. Modulation Marauder (Mixed By I-Cue)
    DJ I-Cue

  91. Effin' Mental (Mixed By I-Cue)
    DJ I-Cue

  92. Let The Bass Boom / First Attempt

  93. Extraprotected (I-Cue NYC Dubstep Mix)

  94. Freakin' It - The Remixes
    Ty Bless

  95. Always Create (Mixed By I-Cue)
    DJ I-Cue

  96. Pony Boy (Ingenious Music Remix)

  97. Dubweizer (Mixed By I-Cue)
    DJ I-Cue

  98. Manhattan Monday Morning (I-Cue Remix)
    White Owl, J Jersey, Kevlar & Jeroba

  99. Get Your Own ft. T.R.A.C.
    MC Astro

  100. Paroli

  101. Bushonomics (I-Cue Remix)
    Cornel West featuring Talib Kweli

  102. Mama's Boy (Ingenious Music Remix)
    The Lordz

  103. Ingenious Methods Volume 2 (Mixed by I-Cue)
    DJ I-Cue

  104. Make Me Better (I-Cue Remix)
    Fabolous featuring Ne-Yo

  105. Chocolate Terrorist (I-Cue Mash-Up)
    DJ Vadim vs Tay Zonday

  106. JAM-001
    Jamalski / Daddy Yankee

  107. The Snip Snap Sampler EP
    T.R.A.C. & I-Cue

  108. Every Other Man

  109. May 2003 Hip-Hop Mix (Mixed By I-Cue)
    DJ I-Cue

  110. Moodswings (Mixed By I-Cue)
    DJ I-Cue

  111. Universoul Vibes (Mixed By I-Cue)

  112. Hotter Than Ever (Mixed By I-Cue)
    DJ I-Cue

  113. Sprachbarrieren (Single)

  114. Azucar Volume 2 - Midem 1999 Promo

  115. Ingenious Creations & Unique Experiments

  116. Underground Lair October 1998 Hip Hop Mixtape (Mixed By I-Cue)
    DJ I-Cue

  117. Pressure
    I-Cue featuring Miss Wensday

  118. July 1997 Hip Hop Mixtape (Mixed By I​-​Cue)
    DJ I-Cue

  119. D-Town Drama June 1997 Hip Hop Mixtape (Mixed By I-Cue)
    DJ I-Cue

  120. Black Gold
    DJ I-Cue & Jae Mo' Ice

  121. February 1997 Hip Hop Mixtape (Mixed By I​-​Cue)
    DJ I-Cue

  122. Twisted & Funky (Mixed by I-Cue)
    DJ I-Cue

  123. New Breed Jumbo Pack Vol. 2 (Mixed By I-Cue)
    DJ I-Cue

  124. Never Say Never (Remixes)
    AG Thomas

  125. Kill Dem Dead
    Digital Konfusion

  126. May 1995 Hip Hop / Reggae Mixtape (Mixed By I​-​Cue)
    DJ I-Cue

  127. April 1995 Hip Hop Mixtape (Mixed By I-Cue)
    DJ I-Cue

  128. JW 1994 Hip Hop Mixtape (Mixed By I-Cue)
    DJ I-Cue

  129. This Is I-Cue's House - 1994 House Mixtape (Mixed By I-Cue)
    DJ I-Cue

  130. MLK Triple Deck Tribute Hip Hop Mix 1994 (Mixed By I-Cue)
    DJ I-Cue

  131. Da Flavor 1993 Hip Hop Mixtape (Mixed By I-Cue)
    DJ I-Cue

  132. The Lab Sessions 1993 Hip Hop Mixtape (Mixed By I-Cue)
    DJ I-Cue

  133. Reggae Mix 1993 (Mixed By I-Cue)
    DJ I-Cue

  134. The Lab Sessions 1992 Hip-Hop Mixtape (Mixed By I-Cue)
    DJ I-Cue


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